Low Volume Production

Automated Casting Process

Automated Casting Process
Automated Casting Process

Flexible Casting Station

Two furnaces guarantee high efficiency:

  • Staggered casting: cast on one furnace while charging the second furnace.
  • Parallel casting of two different alloys.

The result: An extremely robust and flexible casting process.

Castings with excellent mechanical properties

The demand for high strength engine castings is higher than ever before!

To fulfill that demand our low volume foundry offers:

  • Use of active chilled base plates: outstanding microstructure due to rapid solidification.
  • Low Pressure Sand Cast:
    • Computer Controlled.
    • Precise Mold Fill Repeatability.
    • Very Little Turbulence.
    • High Feeding Pressure.
  • In-house heat treatment is performed to achieve the best possible mechanical properties.