Rapid Prototyping

Casting Process Robot

Casting Process Robot
Casting Process Robot

BECKER castings are exclusively cast with a low pressure sand cast process.

We have three furnaces available in rapid prototyping. On furnaces 1 and 2 the core packages are manually positioned. On furnace 3 a robot positions the core packages.

Three furnaces provide large capacity and flexibility in terms of casting with different alloys.


  • Through the introduction of extremely dry compressed air (dew point -60°C) an overpressure in the furnace chamber is generated. The pressure will push the melt through the vertical ceramic tube into the mold.
  • The computer controlled process ensures outstanding mold fill repeatability with very little turbulence.
  • The programmable mold fill speed is essential for thin wall structural castings.
  • The subsequent high feeding pressure in combination with the directional solidification results in superior casting quality. The castings represent excellent microstructure and mechanical properties.